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2 days ago

Greene Drift Riders Snowmobile Club

This goes for our trails too!THIS is why we lose trails: It has been brought to our attention that there are people out on the trails already. TRAILS ARE CLOSED AND WILL NOT LEGALLY OPEN UNTIL AFTER HUNTING SEASON AND THAT IS ONLY IF WE HAVE ENOUGH SNOW!! We will let you know when they are open but until you see it posted on FB or our website the TRAILS ARE CLOSED!! We haven’t even finished signing all the trails. Spread the word and if you see someone out using the trails please let us know. Violators will be prosecuted!! ❄️❄️❄️ (please share) ... See MoreSee Less

This goes for our trails too!

REMINDER FOLKS! It doesn't matter how much snow we get this week, the trails are CLOSED! DO NOT RIDE!. Wait until the trails are opened, or they may never be opened because the landowners may shut it down permanently. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Greene Drift Riders Snowmobile Club

12/10/17 Trail Update...A Few vs 1000....

It took us true snowmobilers (the kind that volunteer to build the trails and the sport) thousands of hours to get ready for this year...Yesterday a few so called “snowmobilers” couldn’t read or pay attention to closed signs (strike 1) rode around closed signs when we do not have enough snow (strike 2) and then when asked to leave, told one of our most supportive landowners to shove it (strike 3). Now we have a CLOSED trail. We support the decision of our landowner to close this trail, temporarily or permanent as they are merely trying to safeguard their crops and enjoy their property on the last days of hunting season. Remember landowners get nothing for their troubles and in this case the grand prize was being disrespected!

We and the law cannot be everywhere to enforce the rules so if you see something say something and help us all become more respectful.

As we said yesterday...if you want to ride, head north of us towards montague area, not turin. We need more snow. As a snowmobile club we get so excited for the season, but matters like this really dampen our spirits... Also we want to thank the many snowmobilers who saw the signs and turned around, you kind of folks help keep us going!

Suggested Parking areas include the state lots near Timberview.
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The Greene Drift Riders would like to wish all of our members and landowners a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable day with their friends and family. ... See MoreSee Less

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