About Us

Established in 1971, we are located in Greene, NY where we maintain approximately 15 miles of trail.

Our trails begin at Moran Road near the Silo Restaurant in Coventry, NY where we take over responsibility from the B.C. Sno-Riders and run north on the Corridor Trail C2 for 7.3 miles to Harbor Road in Greene, NY where we transfer responsibility to the Whitney Point Ridge Riders.

Just up the hill from Harbor Road, at Junction CN6, riders can take S71 north for 7.8 miles to East McDonough intersecting with Corridor Trail C7 at Junction CN9 on Chestnut Road where responsibility changes to the Chenango Sno*Riders.

We request that you respect our landowners and stay on the designated trails. Please obey the laws, be courteous to other riders, and always be safe on the trails. We also ask that you be careful and watch for groomers on the trail.